Facebook has officially rolled out Facebook dating, a new service that is going to compete with apps such as Tinder, OK Cupid or The new feature of the Facebook social network has been announced and presented in the spring during the annual F8 conference and it was available Рone way or another Рfor testing to some users in all this time. However, the Facebook Dating feature has been officially  released now.

The first users that will benefit from the Facebook Dating app are users from the United States and a few other countries. They will be able to use data from their Facebook and Instagram accounts in order to search for possible “matches”. What Facebook Dating is doing compared to other similar apps is that is uses existent friend lists in order to put users in contact not only with strangers but also with people they know or people from close friends circles.


The Facebook Dating profile can be improved with photos from Facebook and Instagram while users can use the Secret Crush lists to add friends from Facebook but also from Instagram. Facebook’s plan is to also allow users to add stories from Facebook and Instagram by the end of the year.

People who want to use Facebook Dating must be at least 18 years old and to install the most recent version of the Facebook app. Also, Facebook says there are advanced privacy settings however it’s hard to believe they will be respected considering Facebook’s problems regarding private data. The Facebook Dating profile will be separate from the main profile.

So far Facebook has not announced how the company will monetize the platform but rivals from this segment of the market such as Tinder provide paid services to improve a user’s chances to get a match. Countries where Facebook Dating is already active, besides the United States, are: Vietnam, Uruguay, Thailand, Singapore, Peru, Paraguay, Mexico, Laos, Gyuana, Ecuador, Columbia, Chile, Canada, Brazil, Bolivia and Argentina.

Facebook Dating should be available in Europe until the beginning of next year.


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