Apple is facing the biggest crisis since the “bendgate” scandal which took place around the time the iPhone 6 was released.

After many fans complained, law suits were filed and even investigations were started by the authorities, Apple decided to drop the price for battery replacement affected by the protection system that decreased the processing power. Happily for users, this is not all.

Tim Cook, the CEO of Apple,  announced that the future upgrade will bring the possibility for users to disable the performance limitation.

Tim Cook made the announcement during an interview on ABC News. Tim Cook confirmed that the new software will allow users whether they want to slow down the phone or not and it will also bring a feature that provides information about the health of the battery.

Until now Apple has not provided such details and those who wanted to see details about the battery had to install third party apps from the App Store.

When the performance limitation feature is disabled, the software will notify the user that he or she might face problems that might cause unexpected reboots. This system, despite “faulting” the device intentionally, has the purpose of ensuring an increased autonomy and high performance of the phone.

This feature will debut in a beta version for developers and it will make its way into the final version in the near future.


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