casey hathaway

Casey Hathaway, a three years old boy from North Carolina who survived in the woods for two days, while it was below freezing outside, told the police officers that he was protected by a friendly bear who stayed alongside him all the time.

The boy was found on Thursday night in the woods, crying, after two days. He told the police and his family that “he had a friend in the woods – a bear” according to Sheriff Chip Hughes.

The sheriff also says that the boy disappeared from his grandmother’s backyard while playing with other two kids. When they went inside, Casey did not follow. Because it was freezing outside, the police launched a huge rescue operation with helicopters, divers and hundreds of volunteers but the weather changed on Thursday and the police asked the volunteers to stay indoors.

“Casey is a survivor” Sheriff Chip Hughes said.

Casey Hathaway is in perfect health and he only has some scratches to show for being lost in the woods for two days.


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