The research of Sabrina Pasterski might change what we currently know about the Universe and her exceptional mind will win her a spot in the history books of future generations.

The most brilliant minds at MIT is working on research in many science fields. Not only they wonder about the fundamentals and nature of the Universe, but they also work on complex science fiction gadgets and space ships.

Sabrina Pasterski was attracted by this kind of work ever since she was a little girl. At the age of 14 she built a single engine plane, which is an amazing achievement considering she was so young.

Although in 2017 female scientists are not a rarity or a surprise for anybody, Sabrina Pasterski got attention from the top universities in the United States such as MIT and Harvard. Now, nine years after she built the plane, she graduated from MIT and she’s working on her PhD at Harvard.

She explores one of the most challenging and complex physics problems, following the path paved by researchers such as Albert Einstein and Stephen Hawking, who had the same intellectual path starting since their childhood and continued in their teens. The research of Sabrina Pasterski includes incursions in black holes theories, the time-space problem, nature of gravity ( which was also on of Isaac Newton’s favorite topic ). Sabrina also wants to go deeper into “quantum gravitation”, which explains the gravitation phenomenon in quantum mechanics. A discovery in this field might change what we know and understand about how the Universe appeared.

Sabrina Pasterski also managed to get attention thanks to her ambitious projects from some of the biggest and most brilliant minds at NASA. She also got attention from Jeff Bezos, the founder of Amazon, developer of space ships and the man behind Blue Origin.

Although we are very much impressed with what she managed to achieve so far, two famous MIT professors, Allen Haggerty and Earll Murman were shocked to see Sabrina built her plane an they say her potential is sky high.

Physics is not a duty or work for Sabrina Pasterski. She says physics is interesting enough and it’s not a possible career, but something much more “When you’re tired you go to sleep and when you’re not tired, you work on physics” she says.


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