With very few exceptions, the design technology and concepts patented by smartphone manufacturers are not representative for the devices that are being prepared for arrival a few months or years later as the design of the end product is changed a lot.

Still, considering that there isn’t enough time to build a foldable screen phone from scratch, its possible for the patent to actually reveal the features of a device that exists right now, even if it’s just a prototype.


Even if the patent registered by Motorola Mobility does not include the name RAZR, the sketches of the patent describe a design similar to that of the famous RAZR family of phones.

According to some details obtained by The Wall Street Journal, Motorola intends to release a new RAZR phone no later than next month.  The phone in question will be a smartphone with a folding display, available in limited series, at a price of approximately $1500.

Compared to the rival Galaxy F, the new Motorola RAZR’s main advantage will be the retro design borrowed from the original RAZR flip phone, adapted to work as a folding phone without any compromise.


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