Apple is planning to make the iPhone smartphone even more waterproof, just because other Android smartphone are more waterproof than the iPhone.

Apple is currently working on an update for the iPhone which will make the smartphone even more waterproof, or this is what a new patent suggests. According to the patent, Apple intends to improve the current Lightning connector for the iPhone and to modify the way it is mounted on the case.

Apple is making this Lightning change to improve the water resistance of the iPhone, a phone now certified for the IP67 standard. Rival Android smartphones are IP68 certified, and Apple wants to catch up with its rivals.

Apple describes a method through which the Lightning port would be completely sealed and water would not get through when a lightning cable is connected to the iPhone by a user. Apple’s idea is interesting because it allows water resistance to be improved only when a Lightning cable is connected.

The iPhone needs water resistance in any conditions, especially when the cable is NOT connected, but Apple seems to have another idea.

It’s hard to say when, or if, Apple will ever be able to provide more water resistance but an IP68 certification is something that many people want.




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