fish with human face

The internet has been taken by surprise by a video showing a fish with a human face and the video became viral on the internet.

The video was created by tourists in Kumming, China. They posted the video online and said they were shocked to see the fish coming to the surface of the lake and looked at them with what appeared to be “human eyes”.

The head of the fish in the video has human features. The nose, mouth and eyes are similar to what humans have.

While many internet users accused the video creators of being fake, specialists are siding with the tourists. So, marine biologists said that the fish suffered no modification – genetic or in photoshop – and it actually is species of carp fish which was reported many times before in Asia, especially in South Korea.

The fish is known as the “ghost carp” and it is a hybrid, a descendant of two other species of carp which are also common to the Asian region.


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