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Theories about the murder of Daria Dughina are circulating in the Russian media. What Moscow might do


Russia has accused Ukrainian “secret services” of being behind the murder of Daria Dughina, the daughter of Russian philosopher Alexander Dughin, known in the West as Putin’s ideologue.

“The murder of Russian journalist Daria Dughina has been solved, the Federal Security Service (FSB) announced. It was masterminded by Ukrainian intelligence services. The perpetrator – a Ukrainian citizen named Natalia Vovk – had fled to Estonia, the FSB’s public relations office announced,” TASS reported .

Two days after the explosion of the car in which Dughin is believed to have been, the investigation appears to be complete and the case closed, writes the Jerusalem Post.

“As a result of the actions of an urgent investigation, the Federal Security Service has solved the murder of Russian journalist Daria Dughina, born in 1992,” the FSB statement reads. Investigators concluded that this “murder was staged and carried out by Ukrainian intelligence services,” Tass also summarizes.

The story does not add up

The story seems too well woven to be true. According to the Russian version, the Ukrainian woman born in 1979 who carried out the assassination arrived in Russia on July 23, 2022, together with her daughter Shaban.

“On the day of the murder, Vovk and Shaban attended the Traditions music and literature festival, where Dughina was the guest of honor.

Russian investigators have concluded that Vovka placed the explosive device under the car. But is it logical to assume that she alone was able to attach the explosive device to a Toyota Land Cruiser Prado and then detonate it remotely?

“To organize themselves and gather information about Dughina’s lifestyle, Vovk and her daughter rented an apartment in Moscow in the same building where the victim lived. He used a Mini Cooper to follow the journalist,” reports TASS.

Omission of a significant detail

The FSB provided the Russian media with a detailed version of the investigation’s findings. The author traveled with no less than three license plates – from the self-proclaimed Donetsk Republic when he was in Moscow, from Kazakhstan and Ukraine, respectively, when he left the country.

However, Russia left out one important detail: Where did it get this information? The abundance of details lends credibility to the story, but the lack of evidence renders it implausible and raises questions. Why would a homicide agent use a Mini Cooper? Does not it just scream spy?

Such an assassination requires transporting ammunition, then hiding it under a massive SUV. Could a woman be capable of such a thing without help and use her daughter as a cover?

However, the most interesting detail about the versions spread in the Russian media is the fact that the Ukrainian woman supervised the “journalist” and not his famous father.

This is an essential element for the credibility of the whole story, as the Western media and beyond have drawn the logical conclusion that the real target was Dughin.

Should not the person who is supposed to detonate the bomb remotely follow the car or be in the vicinity to be able to do so? So far, Russia has not thought of holding Ukraine responsible for the numerous attacks on intellectuals and journalists that have been perpetrated in recent years. How to explain the sudden interest of Ukrainian intelligence in such targets?

According to Russian media reports, the Toyota Land Cruiser was traveling outside Moscow when it was blown up. The Russian newspaper Izvestia, citing an expert, speculates that “the bombers may have targeted the father of the girl who was killed.” This brings an important element of confusion to the whole story: Who did the perpetrator ultimately spy on, the daughter or the father?

“One reason for the crime could be the victim’s social activities,” Russian journalists explain.

A suitable author

The context of the crime seems to indicate that the investigation will conveniently be completed immediately and a prepared version will be published. Kremlin-friendly commentators and supporters of Moscow’s military operation had already accused Ukraine and the West of being to blame for this “terrorist act.”

Now the Russian media are loudly screaming “murder” – rhetoric that could intensify in the near future.

Russia’s next steps

Russia has several options at its disposal. By blaming Ukrainian intelligence services for the attack, Moscow implicitly blames the Kiev government. At the same time, it claims that the mission was carried out by a single agent, not a spy team that would move freely around Moscow in search of targets. For now, at least, the Kremlin’s official line is that only one person, a Ukrainian citizen, acted in the service of Kiev and was tasked with spying on a Russian journalist.

What will Moscow do next: Will it reinforce this conspiracy theory to support the idea that Kiev launched a campaign of “terror” or assassination?

It remains to be seen how Moscow’s rhetoric will change after this assassination, whether there will be accusations that Ukrainian “terrorists” and “Nazis” are behind this attack perpetrated in Russia.

Who benefits from Dughina’s death?

Conspiracies are in full swing in Russia, so the most important question is, “Who benefits from them?” And who would have anything to gain from the death of a commentator like Dughina? After all, he is not an influential, high-profile target.

On the other hand, some commentators have claimed that the father’s role in the Kremlin-led war has been greatly exaggerated. This, in turn, raises the question: Why would Ukraine want to eliminate its daughter?

Is it possible that this attack will provide Moscow with the pretext to step up its war effort? According to media reports, Russia has not yet sent its actual combat troops into battle.

By rashly declaring the case solved, Moscow tried to make up for its incompetence by pretending that it was not a hit squad because it had detected it.

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