Xbox-One-S no disk
Xbox One S without disks

There were many rumors about the fact that Microsoft is working on an Xbox console that will only work with games bought from the Xbox Store and now we have a better idea about the Xbox One S All Digital gaming console.

During the previous weekend, a German publication revealed some details about a new gaming console from Microsoft. Approximately one year and a half after the Xbox One X was released, Microsoft wants to release a new console that will represent the future of gaming and the death of disk games.

The Xbox One S All Digital does not come with a DVD or Blu-Ray Reader and it forces you to buy the games you want to play from the Xbox store. The alternative is to subscribe to Xbox Gold, Xbox Game Pass or EA Pass in order to gain access to a pretty big library of games at regular time intervals.

Xbox-One-S no disk

The technical specifications of the new Xbox console are not very clear yet but judging by the name it will have many things in common with the standard Xbox One S version. This means that besides the 1 TB hard drive you will also get 4K support.

The Xbox One S All Digital will most likely be a white gaming consoles that gets delivered with a single controller. Other versions will most likely be available in the future. Regarding games, the console appears to be delivered with Minecraft, Sea of Thieves, and Forza Horizon 3 video games.

The rumored price is pretty affordable although we don’t have a precise number yet and the console should arrive in stores next month, on May 7th.


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