janice freeman

The music industry is grieving. A famous singer, former The Voice contestant – Janie Freeman – passed away at the very young age of 33.

Janice Freeman passed away on Saturday because of a heart attack caused by a blood clot.

Janice Freeman was part of the 2017 The Voice contest. She competed in the team of Miley Cyrus.

Janice Freeman’s music career took off after she appeared on The Voice and she remained good friends with Miley Cyrus after she was eliminated from the competition.

Janice Freeman was at home with her husband when she started to feel chest pains and shortness of breath. She died a few hours later at the hospital because of a heart attack caused by a blood clot.

In the past Janice Freeman suffered from other serious health conditions such as lupus, meningitis and uterine cervical cancer.


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