Boston Dynamics robots are very popular on the internet, as they are some of the most advanced robots in the world, and videos in which we can see these robots learning to walk or do things give us a glimpse into the future, something we can only see today in science fiction movies.

So, it may sound surreal that Spot robots, robots that look like dogs, are already being tested by the Massachusetts Police and were already used in two operations.

At this time it’s a bit unclear how the robots were used in operations or their purpose, however it appears that they do not have attack features nor do they pack weapons or other equipment. Because the robots are equipped with 360 degrees cameras and a lot of sensors, they may be used especially to verify dangerous areas remotely without endangering the lives of police officers. Actually, it’s not yet very clear whether the robots were used autonomously or if they were remotely controlled by police officers.


The Massachusetts state police is the only police institution that has access to the Spot technology right now, and the Spot robots are the only ones available for such operations so far.

Boston Dynamics is testing the Spot Robots with the Massachusetts State Police since April of this year and in October of this year Spot became available for purchase for private companies.

People are worried about the way police and law enforcement in general might decide to use these robots. Many times technology movies ahead further than legislation and there already are voices who are demanding this new technology be legislated. Actually, even the CEO of Boston Dynamics, Marc Reilbert, admits that people are generally afraid of the idea of robotized law enforcement reason for which the company chose to deliver robots that look like dogs because they don’t look so “creepy”.


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