The military resources at China’s or Russia’s disposal advanced so much that, under specific circumstances, the United States might end up losing a war against Russia or China.

U.S. military forces do not manage to keep up with those at the disposal of Russia or China. They are not in the best position to reply to some key challenges in Europe and Eastern Asia and they are not very well trained. These are just some of the conclusions of a new report released by the Rand Corporation, which raises some question marks and some red flags regarding the modernization process of the United States military.

Moreover, Rand Corporation warns that the United States might, in some conditions, lose a potential war against Russia or China. Also, Rand claims that the United States faces a nuclear and ballistic threat from North Korea while the U.S. and its Asia allies do not have “satisfactory responses”.

The Rand report has also taken into account a NATO – Russia war scenario but also a possible United States – China war.

“Precisely, the assessments in this report will show that the U.S. forces might, in plausible circumstances, lose the next war despite higher military spending than China and Russia” the report states.

The report, which was also funded by the U.S. Defense Department, says that keeping the military resources of the United States at a high level – a task that was never easy – has now become even more difficult.

Solution: spend even more money

According to researcher David Ochmanek from the Rand Corporation, the priority of the United States of America should not be to build airplane carriers, submarines and planes, but to better equip them. Also, the U.S. should also make investments to allow military personnel to act at their full potential.

For example, according to the researcher, the Government should fund the development of advanced cruise missiles, for developing jamming resistant communication systems and even for making U.S. military bases stronger against attacks. The researcher also attracted attention that many U.S. Government official are falsely pleased with the country’s military resources.

Însă, pentru ca potenţialele probleme în raport cu Rusia şi China să fie reduse sau chiar eliminate, Washingtonul ar trebui să aloce în plus între 20 şi 30 de miliarde de dolari anual. Potrivit raportului, SUA cheltuieşte pentru apărare circa 3,4% din produsul său intern brut (PIB), în timp ce Rusia cheltuieşte circa 4,5%.

Rand Corporation says that in order to deal with China’s and Russia’s military resources the United States of America should spend $20 to $30 billion more on defense.

So, the bottom line is that it all comes down to money.


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