A reboot of the popular The Twilight Zone TV show is in the works, directed by Jordan Peele, who will also be the producer of the new show.

The announcement has been made by CBS. The reason why the network decided to reboot The Twilight Zone is to get more subscribers to the CBS All Access online platform.

The original TV show was launched in 1959 and it was a pioneer of the genre.

The Twilight Zone show does not have regular cast members and the episodes explore fantasy, science fiction, psychology and metaphysics topics.

The show has however the same narrator.

Many celebrities have starred in The Twilight Zone including Robert Redford, Mickey Rooney, Buster Keaton, Lee Van Cleef and even William Shatner.

The TV show inspired many movies and the show got two remakes so far: one between 1985 – 1989, aired by CBS and one between 2002 – 2003, aired by UPN.


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