daniel maldini
Daniel Maldini

Daniel Maldini, the son of the famous Italian defender Paolo Maldini, will be for the first time in the AC Milan squad for the match against Napoli, which is a very important match for both Serie A teams.

Daniel Maldini, 18 years old, just signed a new contract with AC Milan until 2024 and the fact that Stefano Pioli included Daniel Maldini in the first team squad is a sign that the player is considered to be a very hot prospect. This is not the first time when Daniel Maldini makes contact with the first team as he trained with the seniors in the summer.

Daniel Madini’s father and grandfather are legends of AC Milan. His grandfather, Cesare Maldini played for AC Milan from 1954 until 1966 and he even coached the team twice, and Paolo Maldini is also a living legend of AC Milan. Paolo Maldini played 901 matches for AC Milan and he won 26 trophies with the team. Paolo Maldini is now the technical director of AC Milan.

Unlike Paolo and Cesare, Daniel is not a defender. Cesare and Poalo were defenders, Daniel’s bigger brother Christian is also a defender but Daniel likes to play the game a bit more offensive. He plays as an left winger or second striker.

He likes to score goals, out of our entire family he is the only one with goal scoring skills. He’s like a poet with the ball at his feet. Other than that, genetics does the rest, he is good with both feet and he has the same personality on the pitch” Paolo Maldini said about his son, Daniel.

Daniel Maldini might make his debut 34 years after his father’s debut for AC Milan and 10 years since Paolo retired.

AC Milan is not doing very well in the Serie A this season. The team is on the 14th place with just 13 points and it is closer to the relegation zone than the European matches next year after suffering a new loss against Juventus. AC Milan will face Napoli later today, and Napoli is also going through some bad times right now.

Napoli, coached by legendary coach Carlo Ancelotti is in full internal scandal after the players rioted against the owner Aurelio de Laurentiis. Napoli is now 5 matches  in a row without victory.


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