samsung galaxy fold
The Samsung Galaxy Fold smartphone

The Samsung Galaxy Fold is the first foldable phone but also the first to be available on the market at a price of $2000, and this is no reason to believe that the phone won’t sell very good.

The Galaxy Fold was officially presented at the end of February and since then the phone has made quite the impression. Samsung started the pre-orders of the Galaxy Fold on April 14 and all available units were sold in just three days.

Those who reserved the phone but didn’t placed a pre-order received emails saying that the Galaxy Fold is no longer in stock because of the “overwhelming demand”. Morever, Samsung says customers will be notified when the phone is back in stock so they can buy them.

Many tech journalists and YouTubers received the Galaxy Fold for testing and overall most of them are saying that the Galaxy Fold is a top phone, they are bragging the cool design of the phone and they say that it’s an excellent phone to be used with the folded screen.

Despite the positive reviews, there are also some downsides, and the most important aspect to mention is the wrinkle the screen makes in the middle. Not only you can see it, but it can also be felt. Even so, the problem doesn’t appear to be so serious.

One week ago, Samsung Display announced the mass production of the OLED foldable screen that will be implemented in the Galaxy Fold smartphones. The foldable screen will be built around of materials that will make it 50% thinner than the conventional screen. The screen of the Galaxy Fold has a 4.6 inches size when it is folded and it extends up to 7.3 inches when it’s not folded.

The Galaxy Fold will arrive on the market on April 26, 2019.


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