revolver van gogh
The revolver that killed Vincent Van Gogh

The Lefaucheux  that was used by Vincent Van Gogh to kill himself will be auctioned in Paris on June 19. The starting bid will be between 40.000 and 60.000 EUR.

Discovered in 1965 on the field where Van Gogh was found shot on July 27, 1890, in Auvers-Sur-Oise, the revolver was put on display at the Van Gogh museum in Amsterdam in 2016.

Although the revolver can never be officially authenticated, the provenience of the revolver is considered very serious.

With a caliber of 7 mm, the same caliber as the bullet that killed Van Gogh, after it was found, the revolver was given to the owner of the Ravoux d’Auvers-sur-Oise inn where Van Gogh lived and where he died after 30 hours of agony on July 29, 1890. Since then, the revolver was in the property of the family.

Also known as “one of the most famous weapons in the history of arts” this revolver was first put on public display in 2012 with the release of the “Aurait-on retrouve l’arme du suicide” book written by Alain Rohan.

According to the Auction Art auction house, the analysis of the revolver, which is in a state of advanced degradation, shows that the revolver was buried in the field for a long time, which may coincide with the year 1890.

In 2011, many U.S. researchers defended the theory that Van Gogh did not kill himself but it was wounded by an accidental shot by a group of young people playing around with a weapon.

For Auction Art experts, this theory does not affect the results of the research done on the revolver, which could have been abandoned on the field by the people who may have accidentally shot Van Gogh.

Convinced by these conclusions, the revolver has been received by the Van Gogh museum in Amsterdam for an exposition” Auction Art says.


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