Even if we’re not aware of serious problems just like the rival Galaxy Fold, the foldable phone from Huawei has been delayed and according to rumors the foldable phone was supposed to be released in September, however it appears that this deadline is not going to be respected as Huawei is preparing a new major revision of the Mate X with many design changes.

Apparently, not even Huawei believed so much in the success of the first foldable phone of the company and the news that Samsung delayed the release of the Galaxy Fold is the perfect excuse to fix the design problems of a product that was in a hurry to arrive on the market.

The effort made by Huawei’s engineers is not at all small, sources close to Huawei have revealed that the new Huawei Mate X might not arrive on the market sooner than November. But such a long delay might cause Huawei to miss the start in front of SamsungĀ  as the South Korea company might release the new Galaxy Fold at the same time as the arrival of the new iPhone 11.

Even if later, Mate X might come with a better design as, according to sources, the phone might come with at least one extra screen that will server as a companion for the main screen. We can only speculate on the way Huawei will achieve this, so it’s possible for the metallic back cover to be replaced with glass that will cover a screen with touch interface. Still, the current model already includes a foldable screen on the exterior of the case, covering the back. Another version is for the black strip the camera is placed on to get a mini OLED display that will act as a notification panel.

Unlike the Samsung Galaxy Fold, Mate X comes with the foldable screen on the exterior of the case, the less aggressive design picked by Huawei avoids the viability problems of the Galaxy Fold in the folding area of the screen.

The first Huawei Mate X packed an 8 inch display ( 6.6 inches when folded ) with a resolution of 2480 x 2000 pixels. Under the hood we can find a 4500 mAh battery with fast charging which allows the phone to be charged up to 85% in just 30 minutes.


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