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In a recent interview, actor Liam Neeson said he wondered the streets carrying a baseball bat with the desire of killing someone, precisely a black person, after someone close to the actor was the victim of a rape. Liam Neeson also said that he very much regrets the way be behaved back then.

Liam Neeson said that in the past there was a time when he wondered the streets armed with a baseball bat waiting for an excuse to kill someone to avenge a rape that has happened to someone close to him.  Liam Neeson said all this in a recent interview while promoting his latest movie, Cold Pursuit. Liam Neeson said he very much regrets the way be behaved back then.

“I wondered the streets carrying a bat with the hope of someone messing with me. I’m ashamed to say it but i’ve done it for a week. I understand the need of revenge, but it only leads to even more revenge and killings” the actor said.

The “Cold Pursuit” movie starring Liam Neeson as a father seeking revenge will be released in movie theaters by the end of this month.


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