Science fiction movies were always popular, even when movie critics were a tad skeptical, so to speak.

It is very easy for us to get lost in the science fiction universe because everything is possible there, from time travel to super powers, to alien friends and unique paradoxes. If you want to unplug and enter worlds you can only dream about, you really, really need to see these science fiction movies as they are the best of the best.

So, let’s take a look at some of the best science fiction movies ever made.

One of the best: HER – 2003

The Her movie is a love story as well as a traditional science fiction movie. The movie follows the story of a sensible man who befriends an operating system that seem to be a separate entity, with real thoughts and intuition.


Science fiction movie you won’t forget: Edge of Tomorrow – 2014

Placed in the near future, the movie is showcases Earth being invated by a hostile Alien race. Two officers are trying to fight, but one of them dies in a matter of minutes and wakes up at the beginning of the day, caught in a time loop that gets him closer to saving mankind every time he wakes up.

Science fiction movie worth of your time: Alien – 1979

The crew of the Nostromo ship get an S.O.S. message when they are traveling back to Earth. They change route and discover the ruins of a space ship in which an unknown life form is hiding. When a member of the crew is attacked they realize that the threat is bigger than they believed.


Science fiction movie you have to see: Donnie Darko – 2001

The movie follows sleepwalker teenager Donnie Dark. One night he gets out of the house and meets a giant rabbit with the face of a daemon named Frank. The rabbit tells him the end of the world will come in 28 days, six hours, 42 minutes and 12 seconds. When he gets home Donnie realizes that a plane crashed during the night in his bedroom and he has to figure out why he survived.

Science fiction movie you should not miss: Unbreakable – 2000

The lead character of the movie is David Dunne, the sole survivor of a train wreck in which 131 people were killed. In the chaos, David meets Elijah Prince. Elijah explains that there are some invincible people and David now has to find out if he’s one of them.

Science fiction movie you shouldn’t miss – Back to the Future – 1985

A humor packed science fiction movie, centered around Marty McFly, who is sent back in time by a car fueled by plutonium invented by his friend, Doctor Emmet Brown. The trip offers Marty the chance of making sure his teenage parents meet and fall in love in order to come back to the future.

Good science fiction movie you most likely forgot about: E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial – 1982

After a group of Aliens end up on Earth, one of them gets lost and stays behind, on a strange planet. The alien is found by a 10 years old boy and the two befriend each other. Each of them learns new things: E.T. better understands life on Earth and Elliot learns the values of friendship.

Legendary science fiction movie: A Clockwork Orange – 1971

After this movie was released, it was pulled from the United Kingdom for 30 years following powerful reviews but the theme remains very up to date. The story takes place in a futuristic town governed by a strict Government where violence is on the rise. The protagonist of Alex, a 15 years old boy and the gang of young criminals he leads.

Science fiction movies that don’t get out of style: Mr. Nobody – 2009

In the year 2092, in an utopian world in which immortality was no longer an issue, the last remaining mortal reflects on his past and the lives he could have lived if he made different decisions. The movie is about string theory, chaos theory and parallel universes generated by divorce, failed romantic relationships and infinite time.

Science fiction movie for the entire family: WALL-E – 2008

People have left Earth in 2700. They left behind garbage generated by centuries of consumerism and an army of small robots tasked with cleaning up the planet. A programming error makes only WALL-E active. He falls in love with Eve, the robot sent by mankind to check on the progress.

Science fiction movies that will freak you out: Pan’s Labyrinth – 2006

The movie brings back to life the nightmares of fascist Spain through the eyes of Ofelia, a gift who moves in the home of her new father, the cruel Captain Vidal. Beyond the horrors of war, Ofelia discovered a labyrinth near the house and she meets the ranger, Pan.

Classic science fiction movie: The Matrix – 1999

In a future in which Earth is dominated by artificial intelligence created in the 21th century who rebelled against mankind, people live in a simulated reality called Matrix. There, only those who understand that their universe is not real can gain supernatural abilities and can control the laws of physics.

Science fiction movies that made history: Star Wars – 1977

Somewhere in space, the galactic empire ruled by Darth Vader keeps Princess Leia hostage as he plans to conquer the Universe. Princess Leia needs to be saved so that peace can be restored in the galaxy. Legendary Han Solo and Luke Skywalker work together to complete the mission.

Science fiction movies we will never forget: Inception – 2010

Dom Cobb is a wanted thief, specialized in the art of extracting information from the brain when people are sleeping. When he ends up an international fugitive, he gets a second chance, as a mission. This time he has to implant information in someone’s mind, but his enemy is following his every move.

One of the best science fiction movies of all time: Interstellar – 2014

In a distorted future  in which Earth is being hit by a global drought and powerful dust storms, a team of researchers is being sent through a wormhole to find a habitable planet for mankind. In an apocalyptic world, they must learn to think like a species and not like individuals.


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