When Princess Diana visited President Ronald Reagan and his wife, Nancy, at the White House in 1985, she stepped on the dance floor with a man known for his dancing moves.

Princess Diana spent more than 30 minutes dancing with John Travolta. It was a memorable moment and the dress Princess Diana wore at the time remains in history.

Fans can reliving that moment by visiting the expo at the Kensington Palace where the famous dress is put up for display. The dress belong to designer Victor Edelstein and it is not the only dress that is put up for display. Many other dresses owned by Princess Diana can be seen, including a dress that still has finger signs of Diana’s sons.

Eleri Lynn, the curator of the expo, says that Princess Diana was a huge dancing fan and in love with Hollywood and maybe she would have chosen a career in entertainment if not for her marriage to Prince Charles. “She was a very talented dancer” Lynn told People magazine.

The expo takes place at the Kensington palace because this is where Princess Diana lived after she married Prince Charles in 1981 until she died in 1997. Now the palace is the home of Prince William and his wife, Kate, but also the home of Prince Harry.

The “Diana: Her Fashion Story” expo will be opened to the public tomorrow, on February 24.


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