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Keith Flint was found dead in his home in Dunmow, United Kingdom, according to The Sun. His colleagues confirmed the death in a message announcing that the singer of The Prodigy band committed suicide.

“We were asked to intervene on Monday at an address in Book Hill, North End, around 08:10 hours. We intervened but unfortunately we had to confirm the death of a 49 years old man. His next of kin was informed. The death is not suspicious and the body will be examined by the medical examiner” Essex police said in a statement.

Later, The Prodigy confirmed that singer Keith Flint committed suicide.

After hearing that Keith Flint passed away. Ed Simons, a member of The Chemical Brothers band, posted the following message on Twitter:

Keith Flint was the lead singer of The Prodigy, a band known for songs such as “Firestarter” and “No Good”.

The Prodigy became popular in the 90’s being considered one of the most successful British bands. “Firestarter” and “Breathe” were on the top positions in musical charts in 1996. Moreover, The Prodigy had six albums that came in first in music charts.

Keith Flint knew fame thanks to his eccentric style, as well as his full of energy performances on stage during concerts.

Keith Flint was born in Redbridge, east London, and moved to Braintree, Essex. It was there where he met Liam Howlett alongside whom he founded The Prodigy.


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