The tasks of an astronaut are very complex. In order to become an astronaut you have to be very intelligent, you need to have technical skills, to be very well prepared physically and you shouldn’t have fears. Most recently, British astronaut Tim Peake asked his Facebook followers if they can solve one of the problems from the International Space Station astronaut selection process.

The problem implies moving a marked cube by one point at its base into a specific order to find out the place the point will land after following an entire series of instructions. According to IFL Science, the problem determines how good your coordination and space perception is, as well as your ability to follow instructions.

Although it sounds simple enough, more than 1,700 people answered Tim Peake’s call. The problem needs you to imagine a cube in front of you. This cube can move left or right, in front and in the back. At the base of the cube there is a point. Now imagine that the shape moves in front, to the left, to the right, to the back and then back to the right. Where’s the cube now ?


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