Apple has many portables and all-in-ones in its portfolio, but the most powerful of them all will be launched in just a few days and it is named iMac Pro.

Almost six months ago Apple announce that the iMac will be reinvented. The iMac Pro will be the most powerful Mac you can buy. The iMac Pro is the new workstation from Apple created especially for photo – video professionals. Apple has made it a habit from targeting professionals, as it happened in the past with the series of MacBook laptops created for content creators.

When the iMac Pro was announced at the WWDC 2017 event, Apple promised the computer will arrive in stores by the end of this year and from what it seems Apple is making good of that promise. On the other hand, we can’t say the same about the Apple HomePod, the smart speaker that was supposed to be released at the same time as the new iMac Pro, and right now we don’t know the precise release date of the gadget.

The price of the new iMac Pro starts from $5000. More expensive than any iMac you can buy today. It can be purchased starting tomorrow and the basic configuration includes the Intel Xeon processor with 8 cores, 32 GB of RAM memory, 1 TB of SSD storage and the Radeon Vega Pro 8 GB dedicated video card. If you don’t care about money and you want to buy the best iMac available on the market you can go for the iMac Pro with Intel Xeon 18 cores processor, 128 GB of RAM memory, 4 TB of SSD storage and the Radeon Vega 16 GB video card. Quite a monster in our opinion.

Unfortunately, if the basic iMac Pro version is not enough, you’ll have to wait until 2018 to buy the top model.

The new iMac Pro comes to replace the Mac Pro, a computer that hasn’t been upgraded in approximately four years.


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