Notre Dame in flames

The Notre Dame fire, which happened less than 24 hours ago, is one of the most painful disasters of the last few years and YouTube has transformed it into a conspiracy.

Since yesterday the entire world is reacting about the Notre Dame fire. As usually, people went online in order to get information about what’s happening, in a time when trust in traditional sources has decreased a lot. Unfortunately, it did not take long until the tragic Notre Dame fire became the subject of conspiracies.

Approximately one month ago YouTube has implemented automatically generated tags under videos that might be fake news or conspiracy theories. Basically, these tags should be able to help internet users realize that they are watching fake news content. Unfortunately, the inefficiency of the fake news system became obvious yesterday once videos of the Notre Dame fires started to be uploaded on YouTube.

Much to the surprise of the people who tried to find live news videos on YouTube from Paris, a few videos were accompanied by a label that correlated the Notre Dame fire with the September 11, 2001 terrorist attacks in New York. The implication was the, actually, the video with the Notre Dame in flames was a fake news about the 9/11 terrorist attacks.

Soon after people started to complain, YouTube has disabled automated tags. A spokesperson for YouTube said that sometimes the algorithm makes the wrong choice.

The real cause of the problem people searching for Notre Dame news is not clear however it once again proves that automatic systems fighting against fake news is far from being perfect.


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