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Notre Dame cathedral flames

The tragedy that hit Paris on Monday that lead to the partial destruction of the Notre Dame cathedral could have been caused by a computer error, according to the rector of the Notre Dame cathedral, Patrick Chauvet, however he hasn’t provided much explications. Preliminary investigation show that a short circuit could have been the cause of the fire.

Patrick Chauvet says that a computer might be to blame, but he hasn’t provided full details because the investigation into the cause of the fire will take about two or three months and after the investigation is complete, the authorities will make the conclusions available ot the public. Also, the Paris police said that a short circuit of an elevator apparently ignited the wooden structure of the tower. According to Le Parisien, a fire alarm has been triggered right away but, in the computer, the alarm was reported in another place.

So, most likely, the rector of the Notre Dame cathedral refers to the fact that because of a computer the fire was not put out in time because the fire was reported somewhere else and the fire department focused on the wrong place. Still, it’s not clear whether the short circuit of the elevator happened because of a computer or if it was just a simple technical problem.

Patrick Chauvet said that there were fire alarms in the entire building and that they were “very well protected” so the probability for someone to tamper with the alarms is very low.

Right now the fire has been completely put out and the structure has been stabilized, a team of researchers and workers worked to consolidate the building in the weak points. Almost all valuable objects have been recovered and transported somewhere else for safe keeping. Some of them were transported to the Louvre museum.


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