It doesn’t happen often for a company to launch a gaming console but in the last six months we’ve seen the release of the Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4 Pro and now we’re getting ready to receive Project Scorpio.

Approximately six months ago Microsoft did a very bold thing. The moment the company announced the updated Xbox One version called One S, Microsoft also revealed detail about the new gaming console known as the Project Scorpio. Xbox One S is selling quite well but many gamers are very curious about the future Xbox console.

For the mos part we know the technical specifications of Project Scorpio. As Microsoft was very mysterious regarding the design of the console, gamers are very curious to see if they’re going to get a futuristic like gaming console or not but it looks like we have to wait a few more months until all our questions are answered.

It was rumored that Microsoft will host a press conference before the E3 2017 event to present the Project Scorpio console but it looks like this is not the case. As you can see in the image above taken from the official Xbox news blog, the release date of the Project Scorpio gaming console will take place on June 11, at 14:00 PT hours during the E3 event. At that time we’re also going to learn the official name of the gaming console, we’re going to see how it looks like and – more importantly – we’re also going to find out the games that will be available.

A very interesting thing about the Project Scorpio console is support for new games. On one hand, developers will be able to take advantage of the significant processing power of the console and create spectacular gaming experiences. On the other hand, Project Scorpio games will also be compatible with Xbox One consoles. The bottom line is that no matter how big the differences between Xbox One and Project Scorpio, the Xbox One console will continue to be able to play the newest games for at least a few more years from now.

Will you get the new Xbox gaming console known as the Project Scorpio or you’ll still gonna use the Xbox One ?


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