The Finnish company, a company that is not Nokia but sells Nokia phones, announced the new Nokia 3310 at the Mobile World Congress this year, along with a few other smartphones. If not for the Internet, most likely nobody would have heard about the new 3310 and nobody would have cared that it was relaunched.

The new Nokia phones were presented at the MWC 2017 by HMD Global under the slogan “Home of Nokia Phones”. HMD Gobal is the Finnish company that owns the Nokia brand and the company hopes to bring Nokia back to life after Nokia and Microsoft failed to keep the company alive.

The new Nokia smartphones are not bad, but the star – the phone that got the most media attention – is the new Nokia 3310, a model that is famous on the Internet, one of the most popular phones of the last 20 years.

Back when Nokia was the most popular mobile company, it had two successful models: the 1100, a phone that set sales records, and 3310, a phone that became one of the most popular phones in the world.

Now, HMD Global re-launched the phone as the company describes it as being light, thin, durable, a modern version of the best sold mobile phone of all times. Well, the best sold mobile phone is indeed a Nokia phone, but the model is 1100. Come to think about it, the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus were better sold than the 3310. Actually the 3310 is well behind the Motorola Razr V3 too.

We all know that companies like to brag a lot, and the new Nokia 3310 has set a new bragging record. It’s a 50 EUR phone ( this means that it costs about 10 to manufacture it ). The camera will be extremely poor, as well as the construction. The phone is made in China ( obviously ) at a reduced  cost.

The tech specs of the new Nokia 3310: 2.4” display, 25 days autonomy in stand-by mode, 16 MB storage, microSD slot, dual SIM support and it has 2G support. The phone also has a headset hack and microUSB port, and on the back we find the 2 MP photo camera. It’s lighter than the original 3310 model.

The truth about the Nokia 3310 is that the phone is a star and not because of the sales, but because of the jokes. It was compared with current phones from Apple, Samsung and others, phones that do not do very well under shocks as the new 3310, which is quite obvious considering that smartphones from Apple and Samsung are not bricks like the new 3310.

The Snake game became obsolete as soon as the first mobile games hit the App Store and Google Play Store, but many are nostalgic about the Nokia 3310, people who want simple things because the current technology progress scare them.


The truth is that the new Nokia 3310 is a joke. It’s what a Chinese worker can build in a couple of hours, when he’s not even trying. I personally have not seen nor touched the new Nokia 3310 but from what others are saying the phone is good to use as a paper weight.

Technically, the phone has a speaker, you can send text messages, you can make phone calls and you can play the Snake game, things that you did 16-17 years ago, but now these things are as obsolete as a CRT TV. Nostalgia is good – at times – but HMD Global just wants to make some quick money betting that consumers are nostalgic enough to reach into their pockets to buy the new Nokia 3310 phone.

Back in the day Nokia 3310 was a real star. If you’re too young to understand, you need to know that it was a personal achievement back in the day to even own a mobile phone, regardless of the manufacturer and most people kept their phones for years ( not like they do now, some change their phones even twice a year ).

In any case, it would be interesting to see some sales stats of the new Nokia 3310 at the end of this year, i’m curious too see how many naive consumers will buy this joke of a phone.

Other Nokia phones launched at MWC 2017

The new Nokia 6 will be available globally and packs a 5.5 inch HD display, stereo speaker and it will come in four colors at a price of 230 EUR. Nokia 6 runs on Android Nougat without a custom interface and I think this is one of the best things about it.

HMD Global also launched the Nokia 6 Arte Black Limited Edition, a phone that packs 64 GB storage and 4 GB RAM at a price of 300 EUR.

The new Nokia 5 is a phone that comes with a 5.2” HD display, Qualcomm processor at a price of 190 EUR. The cheapest new Nokia smartphone is the Nokia 3 at a price of 140 EUR an it comes with a 5 inches display, 8 MP photo camera.

Judging by the phones launched by HMD Global under the much loved Nokia brand I think that Nokia’s days are numbered. HMD Global is just playing around with the famous Nokia brand.

What’s your take on what HDM Global launched at the MWC 2017 this year ?


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