The writer of the new Matrix movie, Zak Penn, says that the new movie is not a reboot.

Matrix fans will surely be happy, but also intrigued to return to the Universe created by the Wachowscki brothers and this is why the writer of the new Matrix movie, Zak Penn, decided to set the record straight regarding the story of the movie.

So, we now know that the new Matrix is not going to be a reboot, and that’s about all we officially know so far. Sources say that considering the fact that actor Michael B. Jordan was cast in the leading role, the new Matrix movie will actually be a prequel, focused on the Morpheus character.

The idea was born during Warner Bros creative sessions. Warner Bros decided to unite many successful writers in order to think about ideas to expand the franchise.

The Morpheus character, who was played by Laurence Fishburne in the original Matrix trilogy, is one of the key figures of science fiction: he is tasked with finding The One to lead the fight against the machines, Neo.

Premiered in 1999, the first Matrix movie grossed $463 at the box office, which is quite impressive considering that the production budget was $63 million. Overall, the Matrix franchise grossed more than $1 billion.


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