iPhone 11 mock-up.

Apple will officially present the new family of iPhone 11 smartphones on September 10, and all the rumors that have been spreading around will be denied or confirmed. By far, the most important rumor is the one regarding the numerical name of the iPhone.

So, the successor of the iPhone XR will be simply named iPhone, and it will be differentiated only by the year of the release. Instead of iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max we’re going to get multiple Pro versions, differentiated by the size of the screen and year.

Beyond the name, the new iPhone Pro will also get themselves noticed because of the new triple-camera system capable of combining the images from all three sensors at the same time to generate better quality photos and with less digital noise under weak light. In the photo app users will also get new filters for post-processing of photos and video editing.

The Face ID technology also gets major improvements, new iPhone models getting a multi-angle sensor that allows you to unlock the phone without holding it directly oriented towards the face. For example, you can unlock it if the phone is sitting on the table.

Under the hood, the Apple A13 chipset brings improved performances and a new co-processors especially created for accelerating AR ( augmented reality ) apps.

Apple will bring the new iPhone in matte colors for people who do not like shiny colors as these surfaces can retain fingerprints.

With the new family of iPhone smartphones Apple is also expected to diversify its range of tablets by releasing a new 10.2 inches iPad with the replace the current 9.7 inches model. The iPad Pro will also get improvements under the hood as the new series will get the same A13 chipset and cameras of the iPhone Pro model.


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