One of the oldest art mysteries might be revealed with the help of  modern technology. “Lady in a Fur Wrap”, a painting created in 1570 fascinated many art lovers but the author of the painting is unknown. Many experts think that the painting – which is valued at more than $26 million – is created by El Greko (Dominikos Theotokopulos ) but many other experts do not agree.

A team of international experts will use, at the Glasgow University, techniques based on infrared and X-Ray to analyze the sketches behind the paintings. They will also collect information regarding the materials used in the painting to see if they can match the techniques to a painter.

The results will be compared to those obtained from five paintings created by El Greco but also with other works of art from that time, a time that is considered the golden era of Spanish painting.

Those who think the painting was created by El Greco say that the painting shows the artist’s girlfriend, Jeronima, while others suggests she is his daughter.

The painting is put up for display at the Pollok House in Glasgow.


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