Many scientific discoveries were made in 2017, discoveries that can save or considerably improve the quality of our lives.

Thanks to the internet, science has became very interesting for millions of people from all over the world. Every year, Altmetric, a London based analysis company showcases the most important scientific discoveries.

Altmetric chooses scientific discoveries based on how big their impact will be on improving the life quality of people, which seems like a fair criteria in our books.

Let’s take a look at just some of the most important scientific discoveries made in 2017.

Ebola vaccine

A vaccine with rVSV vectors for preventing Ebole is one of the most important scientific discoveries in medicine. The study created by The Lancet was published at the end of last year and represented a major success for a international team of researchers. We finally have a vaccine for Ebola, which has 100% chances of providing results.

Body mass index, excess weight and obesity

The study started from the results from 1975 until 2016 and what it was discovered is a global scale worry. A few researchers conducted a global analysis based on 128,9 million kids, teenagers and adults. Obesity in children grew ten times over in the last 40 years. This study came after another study which, in 2016, concluded that there are more obese people in the world than thin ones.

Stereotypes regarding intellectual abilities in children

One of the most important scientific discoveries in 2017 shows that stereotypes influences the future and education of children, who become adults, if they are not kept under control. The study shows that girls, even younger than six years old, are labeled as being “very intelligence”, and these stereotypes can have a negative effect on their future, especially in what education is concerned.

Fat vs. sugar

This study compared the diets of 135.000 people form 18 countries. The result ? Diets with low fat were associated with a bigger probability of heart disease while diets with low carbs were significantly healthier. This confirms that diet fat is not the enemy but excess sugar is.



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