actress ashley judd
Actress Ashley Judd

The lawsuit that was filed by actress Ashley Judd against former movie producer Harvey Weinstein for defamation of character has been put on hold and it will be resumed only after Harvey Weinstein stands trial for sexual assault in New York.

The ruling has been made earlier today by Judge Philip Gutierrez in California, according to Hollywood Reporter.

Almost one year ago, in April of 2018, actress Ashley Judd sued Harvey Weinstein, claiming that he sexually abused her and told lies to Peter Jackson and this caused her to lose a role in the movie “The Lord of the Rings”.

In September of last year the same Judge who made today’s ruling rejected the sex assault charge but allowed the defamation suit to continue.

At the beginning of this year, Harvey Weinstein asked the judge to dismiss the case, and earlier today the judge ruled that the lawsuit is going to be put on hold until the New York trial against Harvey Weinstein is finished.

In May of this year Harvey Weinstein will stand trial in New York where he faces many accusations, including rape.


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