Apple confirms, again, what is the big difference between Apple and Samsung and users are the ones that are affected by this strategy.

Many of you know for a long time now that there is a big difference between products developed by Apple and Samsung and we’re not just talking about the price you pay for them. Apple has always said that the company doesn’t always want to be the first to deliver a product on the market, as they want to be the company that makes the best version of the respective product and this also applies when it comes to building features for apps and operating systems.

Talking about the HomePod, the senior VP or Apple, Phill Schiller, confirmed that the smart speaker announced in the summer is not ready to be officially released on the market right now. Phil says that Apple wants to release the product the company promised and Apple needs a bit more time to work on it until being released on the market so the release has been delayed until 2018.

As we could clearly see in the last few years, Apple is not in a hurry to release products and features compared to Samsung. Samsung launched many features and products just to have them available on the market. The best example is the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 which was a big mistake and the phone is still banned from some airports even now, one year after it was released.

Phil Schiller says:

It’s really very simple. It’s a brand new product. It’s a lot of engineering to make it be the product we’ve described, and for it to be what we all hope it can be.” Schiller said about the HomePod’s delay into 2017. “I’m actually really proud that we’re a company that will take the time to do something right. Our goal is always not to be most’ but to be best’, and we set high standards. We often exceed those, but not always. And we need to be self-honest if something’s not ready, and continue to work on it until it is.

Apple is also far from being perfect and the best example is the iOS 11.1.2 problem that caused the iPhone and iPad to restart at random times. Apple has quickly fixed this problem by releasing an update.


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