house where adolf hitler was born

The house in Braunau in which Adolf Hitler was born in will be transformed into a police section. This decision has been made after years of litigation with the family who owned the house.

The Austrian Government intention was to prevent the house’s transformation in a place of pilgrimage. This is the house were Adolf Hitler was born in on April 20, 1889. The lawsuits regarding financial compensation due to the Pommer family, who owned the building for almost 100 years, has ended earlier this year.

The authorities have now announced that architectural projects will be requested so the house can be transformed into a police section.

“The police using the house should clearly show that this building will never be a place where Nazism is commemorated” Wolfgang Peschorn, Austria’s internal ministry said.

The architecture contest will start throughout Europe in November of this year and a decision will be made at the beginning of the year 2020.

The Pommer family, who owned the house, was given 810.000 EUR in compensation.

in 2011, the Pommer family refused to fund renovation works, and also refused to sell the building.

Although Adolf Hitler only lived for a short while in this home, the building continues to attract Nazi admirers¬† from all over the world. Anti fascism supports are still gathering in front of the house every year on Adolf Hitler’s birthday.


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