Strategy games fans surely remember the first Starcraft and Warcraft games released by Blizzard and it seems that at least one of them will be relaunched.

The first Starcraft game was launched back in 1998 and the game was a huge hit. I remember playing the game for many hours with my friends and I still have the original CD of the game. It’s been almost 20 years since the release but the game still manages to influence the gaming mechanics and philosophy of many modern strategy games. Special from many points of view and i=with many original ideas, it shouldn’t be a surprise to hear that the developer is working on a remastered version.

Right now this is just a rumor but chances are the information is real and this is not the first time when we hear about this project.

This time the information was published by a website from South Korea. Apparently, Sports Seoul found out from a source close to Blizzard that the first StarCraft game will get a remastered version and it will arrive on the market this year. If confirmed, in just a few months we’ll be able to play StarCraft like we did 20 years ago, with similar gameplay elements, the same functionality but with improved graphics and with – of course – Battle.net support. The latter is very important for flawless multiplayer experiences.

As mentioned before, this is not the first time when we hear chatter about the remastered version of the first Starcraft game. Last year we heard something similar but nothing came to be. Instead of denying the rumor, Blizzard said at that time that the company has no announcement to make. Moreover, back in 2015, Blizzard was looking to hire people with skills to help restore old Blizzard games.

This rumor has speared so fast, with sites like covering them every step of the way, it becomes hard to ignore the rumors. I think the rumor is real and this is why: the original StarCraft game still has a lot of fans and this is a serious opportunity for Blizzard to make some good money by releasing the remastered version.

Would you buy the remastered Starcraft version ?


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