It was just a matter of time. Everybody was expecting an iPhone X clone running on Android but nobody expected the first one to look so good.

Since there are a lot of Chinese smartphones manufacturers you probably haven’t heard of Leagoo. Even so, it seems that the Chinese developer spent the last few months working on an iPhone X clone and the end result is really impressive. Leagoo already has a good track record when it comes to cloning top devices but nobody expected Leego to do such a good job cloning the most expensive smartphone ever released by Apple.

Photos of the new iPhone X clone were sent to The Verge and they seem to show a functional device, not just a computer render. Unfortunately, it is impossible to say how you can manage to get your hands on the new Leagoo S9. If it’s not obvious enough, the name of the device seems to refer to the top model Samsung is going to release soon, so we can say that Leagoo doesn’t just seek inspiration from Apple.

The Leagoo S9 iPhone X clone will have a price tag of up to $300, almost 25% of the price of the iPhone X. Besides the 5.85 inch AMOLED display, the phone uses the MediaTek P40 SoC which provides a performance similar to Snapdragon 670. The storage space is 128 GB and it packs no less than 6 GB of RAM memory. On the back, just like the iPhone X, we have two 16 MP cameras.


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