Those of you who like 3D printed things will be happy to know that they can purchase a 3D printed house from a start-up company in the United States of America.

In the past, many companies have managed to print 3D components which were later used on a house. Apis Cor has reached the performance of building an entire house in 24 hours with the help of 3D printing.

The Apis Cor company, located in San Francisco, completed the project in a town in Russia. The best thing about this 3D printed house is that the company has not used prefabricated components nor the foundation of an older house.

Everything was done with 3D printing. A large 3D printer was used for the project, a printer that works with authentic cement. Using this material we all know, the company created the outer walls, inner walls of rooms and other interior components. Workers were used to paint the new building and to install electric and plumbing systems. The exterior isolation was also man made. But details matter less considering the fact that the entire house was built in just 24 hours!

The end result is a small house, a bit bigger than a hotel room with a surface of 121 square feet. As right now small houses are in high demand in the United States, this house might be perfect for many people. Even so, Apis Cor says that the 3D printing system is scalable and they can build even bigger houses, but it will take a bit longer than 24 hours to complete.

Also, the company spent $10,134 to build this small house but most of the budget was used to pay for the main door and windows, and all locks check ( with .

After it was built, the house was fully furnished with the help of Samsung. The South Korean company also provided a fridge and curved TV.

For more details about this amazing 3D printed house project you can visit the Apis Cor website or you can watch the video below:

In our opinion this is a tremendous achievement and we think this is a very important milestone, which will redefine the way houses are built in the next few years, especially since the technology can be used on a larger scale, to build larger houses in less time.

Would you live in a 3D printed house ?


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