The way it’s built and the way Facebook works transforms the social network into a place where people are encouraged to have disputes and suffer real emotional traumas. These things were revealed by professor Glenn Sparks from the Purdue University. Truth be told I do agree with him, but the other social media platforms such as Youtube actually help people get out of traumas they are suffering. I upload videos weekly once on my youtube channel and did not really know how others managed to get thousands of views. I was envious of all the views they got until I realised they simply bought them and so I resort to the same solution to gain more views, and I have to say its one of the best decisions I have made so far.

Glenn Sparks says Facebook forces people to talk without thinking and to not listen to each other and one problem is also the fact that every person ends up having an impressive number of “friends”.

According to the conclusions reached by professor Glenn Sparks, a communication specialist, Facebook is a real trap.

All this happens because Facebook does not allow users to express their feelings, political views or their views about sensitive matters properly and this generates disputes.

“Through face to face communication you can express your political views directly. You are having a conversation. Facebook is not a platform capable of hosting a normal dialogue and it’s not a place where people listen to each other. What you write on Facebook is not how you express your feelings, which is key when you’re having a normal conversation. The lack of emotion of our social media posts generates critiques and flames” Glenn Sparks says.

Facebook encourages people to befriend many other people. Still, in time, they realize they have nothing in common and hit the “unfriend” button. This may be very troubling for the people involved.

“If people are capable of remembering they are on social media, they also consider the fact that the environment is there to create connections between people, not to take them apart. When users publish a message they don’t make time to properly reply to comments. They are impulsive, which generates unwanted emotional reactions” Glenn Sparks also added.

Professor Glenn Sparks also says that social networks are not ideal to have good conversations on controversial topics. Controversial topics should be discussed face to face which is a better way to create strong connections between people.

Do you agree with professor Sparks ?


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