Astronomers have discovered which are some of the oldest stars of the Universe. They have estimated their age and discovered that the secrets of the Universe is right here, in our galaxy.

What can be cooler than discovering that the secret of solving the mysteries of the Universe is right up next to you ? Well, relatively speaking close, but considering how big the Universe is, is amazing how many awesome things are discovered right here in our galaxy.

Astronomers have found out the age of some of the oldest groups of stars, about which so far it was believed they are just as old as the Universe itself.’

The secrets that can help us solve the mysteries of the Universe

This group of stars was named HP 1, which is located in our galaxy – The Milky Way – at a distance of 21.500 light years away from earth.

The existence of this group of stars has been documented ever since the end of the 90’s but since then scientists have been arguing with each other over the their age. Most calculated that they are 14 billion years old, almost as old as the Universe itself. This means that HP 1 was formed shortly after the birth of the Universe.

Astronomers have used the Gemini South telescope from Chile to study these stars are high resolution.

Astronomer Stefan Souza says that to find really interesting stars you have to look for the small ones, not the massive ones that are pretty visible. The latter tend to have a relatively shorter life while small stars can be around for trillions of years. This means that among these stars we can find some that have been around since the Universe.


Clues such as the low concentration of metals of the HP 1 group of stars convinced scientists that this group of stars was formed while the Universe was still young, approximately 1 billion years old.

So, this is yet another discovery that shows us how little we know about things around us, including our very own galaxy.


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