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In the last few years scientists have created all kinds of artificial intelligence capable of creating new human faces, but they hold a secret not many know.

For example, there is one absolutely terrifying website that generates human faces non stop through an advanced artificial intelligence algorithm. doesn’t have any menus or buttons, and the only gesture you can do after you visited the website is to hit the refresh button to have artificial intelligence generate a new face. Moreover, there is also the NVIDIA artificial intelligence that can create extremely realistic faces. Details such as the shadow after shaving, freckles and pores are so convincing that you can’t tell whether the faces were inspired by real people or not.

What’s the problem with this artificial intelligence ? They are using the photos of real people without their consent in order to “train”. The most notable example is that of the IBM artificial intelligence that used 1 million photos from Flickr accounts to train without notifying users. “This is the small and dark secret of artificial intelligence training” New York University law professor Jason Schultz said. “Researchers are simply using any photos that are available” he added.

It is worrying the way photos of human faces are being used without their consent with the purpose of training artificial intelligence, a technology that may very well be used against people. ” People offered their consent to share their photos in a different internet ecosystem” the co-director of the AI Now Institute, Meredith Whittaker, said. ” Now they are being shared without their will or consent in training systems that can be used against the people in the near future” she added.


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