The GMC Suburban SUV where Notorious BIG was the moment when he was assassinated is being sold at auction. The starting price is fabulous: $1,5 million.

This was also the starting bid of the car where rapper Tupac Shakur was killed in, the BMW 750iL. The car was auctioned two weeks ago.

These are two cars that right now have their own place in history. The GMC Suburban SUV that belonged to Notorious BIG 20 years ago is being auctioned by the Moments in Time auction house.

The GMC Suburban is one of the few cars in the world to see its price increased in time, despite the fact that the car has traveled for a lot of miles.

The car was purchased at auction in October of 1997 and the new owner learned the story of the car only when 2005 with the help of the Los Angeles Police Department. The current owner had a big family so he needed a huge car.

The driver’s door, damaged by the bullets that killed Notorious BIG on March 9, 1997 in Los Angeles was held as evidence by the Police and it was replaced by DPL Motors BMW service promptly aferwards. The police will return the original door if the car sells at auction.



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