Researchers have discovered a new type of immunotherapy for cancer that might be able to teach the human body how to destroy tumors.

Researchers who discovered this immunization technique are researchers from Mount Sinai, New York. Immunotherapy works by injecting malignant tumors with some stimulants. This way the “attention” of the immune system is on notice so that it can destroy the rumors.

This method turned out to be quite promising for patients with advanced Non-Hodgkin lymphoma and right now it is tested on patients who are suffering from aggressive types of cancer.

Through this method, tumors become “cancer vaccine factories”. In theory, the idea that white cells can be used to attack cancerous cells makes sense but it’s more complicated than that.

For example, tumors know how to disguise themselves. Their membranes may appear normal indicating the immune system that they are normal. Immunotherapy by blocking control points manages to stop the disguise so that the white cells manage to do what they need to do. But there are also malignant tumors that do not give in to this therapy, such as the Non-Hodkin lymphoma.

This is why Mount Sinai researchers wanted to see how white cells can be convinced to better recognize aggressive forms of cancer. They discovered that they just need a “helping hand” that may come under the shape of dendritic cells that may work as a cover. There is the need for some stimulants in order to summon dendritic cells to “duty” so the researchers came up with the cancer vaccine.

The cancer vaccine has been tested in clinical trials on 11 patients who were suffering from advanced Non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma. The result was that the remission rate went up.

The discovery of the researchers from Mount Sinai is very promising for patients who are suffering from aggressive types of cancer.


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