Some very smart people from Spain have created a 3D bio-printer capable of printing functional human skin. The invention, finalized after three years of research, opens a new way to manufacture human skin that can be used for surgeries but also for industrial purposes.

Juan Francisco del Canizo, the director of the Experimental Surgery department of the Gregorio Maranon hospital said that this is the first method that proves that functional human skin can be produced with the help of a 3D printer.

This method has its advantages, the researcher says, because it shortens the process to get skin and it also makes it more cost effective.

The researcher explained that the device can print allogeneic and autologous skin. “Autologous skin is produced from the patient’s skin, for therapeutic purposes such as treating severe burns, although it is also used to cure ulcers”. “Allogeneic skin is produce from cells for industrial purposes such as cosmetic testing” the researcher added.

The project was started three years ago and it was developed by the scientists who work at the Spanish hospital but they were helped by researchers from the Carlos III university in Madrid and from the Energy Environment and Technology Center in partnership with BioDa Group, a company specialized in bio-engineering.


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