The Doodle from Google celebrating the World Wide Web 30th anniversary

The World Wide Web is the subject of the newest Doodle from Google. The biggest search engine in the world wants to remind you of the internet’s anniversary.

Before being the home place of gifs, vlogs, blogs and social networks, the World Wide Web concept was created for text, for hosting simple documents and making it easier to transfer information. Although right now it may be impossible for you to think about a world without the Internet, Facebook or Instagram, at the beginning the concept was very different than what we know right now.

Today, March 12, 2019, the World Wide Web is 30 years old. Back in March of 1989, CERN from Geneva established the bases of the Internet that included web pages. “The initial proposal was made by Tim Berners – Lee in March of 1989. The proposal was made based on the communication problems teams of researchers were dealing with” according to Wikipedia.

Although we now celebrate the World Wide Web in March 12, 2019, the first prototype that exclusively included text has made it “online” a few years later, in November of 1991. At that time there was a public demonstration of this innovative technology.

The Doodle from Google celebrating the World Wide Web 30th anniversary

In 1994, CERN and M.I.T. University have founded the World Wide Web Consortium. The main objective of the consortium is the develop the world wide web, established standard protocols and encouraging links between websites. Tim Berlers – Lee is considered the founder of the Internet and became the director of the World Wide Web consortium. M.I.T. coordinates the American side of the consortium while the European side is coordinated by INRIA.

In the initial development phase, Tim Berners – Lee and his WWWC team developed the four fundamental components for accessing and hosting websites. The HTTP protocol is at the base, a protocol we still use today however in a safer version, HTTPS. Websites were created using the HTML language, which was especially created for this project. The first web server and internet web browser were also developed by the World Wide Web Consortium.




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