The 89th edition of the Oscar awards will take place Sunday, February 26th. This year’s edition brings a series of premieres and broken down records such as some nominations or specific time elapsed.

So, without further ado, let’s take a look at this year’s Oscar awards edition.

14 – the number of nominations for “La La Land”, more than the nominations won by movies such as All About Eve and Titanic.

20 – Meryl’s Streep total Oscar nominations, surpassing her own record. This year Meryl Streep won a nomination for best actress thanks to her role in Florence Foster Jenkings.

6,687 – the number of the American Academy with voting privileges

7 – the number of African American actors nominated at the Oscar Awards, including Denzel Washington and Viola Davis

7 – the number of actors nominated for the first time: Naomie Harris, Ruth Negga, Isabelle Huppert, Dev Patel, Lucas Hedges, Mahershala Ali, Andrew Garfield.

21 – the number of years that passed since Mel Gibson’s last Oscar nomination This year won a nomination for Hacksaw Ridge; Back in 1996 Mel won the Oscar thanks to the Braveheart movie he directed.

23 – the number of years that passed since an animation movie received a nomination for Best Visual Effects. This year “Kubo and the Two String” won the nomination and “Nightmare Before Christmas” won a nomination in 1994.

336 – the movies considered for the Best Picture category.

0 – the number of actors who won nominations this year and last year

26 – the number of nominations won by a single movie studio. We are referring to Lionsgate ( La La Land, Hacksaw Ridge, Hell or High Water, and Deepwater Horizon )

1 – the number of people who might won the EGOT award ( Emmy, Grammy, Oscar and Tony ) this year – Lin-Manuel Miranda won a nomination for best song in “Moana”.


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