tesla model 3 electric car

Electric cars are far from being very popular, but in the last few years the market has increased significantly. It appears that no other electric car has managed to keep up with the Tesla 3, the cheapest Tesla car on the market.

Besides car makers such as BMW, Renault and Nissan, a few Chinese companies are also appearing to be very popular on the electric cars market.

According to a recent report by CleanTechnica, Tesla Model 3 has been the best sold electric car in 2018 in the world surpassing the sales of the second best sold car by 50%. With 145.846 units sold ( 7% of the market ) the Tesla Model 3 might be the most popular Tesla car on the road in a few years.

The second best sold electric car in the world is the EC-Series from BAIC, with 90.637 units sold and the third best sold electric car in the world spot goes to Nissan Leaf with 87.149 units. The 4th and 5th place also go to Tesla with the Model S, 50.045 units, and Model X, 49.349 units. If we’re doing the math we see that Tesla has sold approximately 250.000 electric cars in 2018.

People have also bought electric cars from China companies such as BYD, Chery and JAC, and models created by popular car markers start to appear on the 9th place with Toyota Prius Prime, Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV on the 10th place, Renault Zoe on the 11th place and BMW 530e on the 12th place. BMW i3 only comes in on the 18th place with 34.829 sold units.

The entire electric cars market represents a very small percentage when compared to the auto industry. Even with record sales by the Tesla Model 3, electric cars only add up to 2.1% of the entire car sales world wide.

Top 20 best sold electric cars in the world:

  1. Tesla Model 3 – 145.846
  2. BAIC EC-Series – 90.637
  3. Nissan LEAF – 87.149
  4. Tesla Model S – 50.045
  5. Tesla Model X – 49.349
  6. BYD Qin PHEF – 47.452
  7. JAC iEV E/S – 46.586
  8. BYD e5 – 46.251
  9. Toyota Prius Prime – 46.686
  10. Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV – 41.888
  11. Renault Zoe – 40.313
  12. BMW 530e – 40.260
  13. Chery eQ EV – 39.734
  14. BYD Song PHEV – 39.318
  15. BAIC EU-Series – 37.343
  16. BYD Tang PHEV – 37.148
  17. BMW i3 – 34.699
  18. Roewe Ei6 PHEV – 33.347
  19. BAIC EX-Series – 32.810


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