Tesla cars are not “different” just because they are electric cars as we’ve seen many of the world’s auto makers release similar electric cars over the last few years.

However, Tesla prefers to do things differently. From performance updates for cars to removing all onboard elements in the case of the Tesla Model 3, Tesla cars have become gadgets on wheels and not just cars. Considering that games are all over, a gadget without games is boring.

Well, Tesla has many games integrated in the operating system of the car, and soon they will get two more games.


Last year in August, Tesla launched a software update that added a few classic games to the operating system of the car. These were Atari licensed Atari games, popular in the 80’s in arcades. Each was a classic game such as Asteroids, Missile Command, Lunar Lader and Centipede, however the two games that are coming are true world hits.

We are talking about the 2048 mobile game that dominated iOS and Android a few years back and Super Breakout, the game that created a new genre and it is still very popular on mobile devices.

The games are displayed on the central console of the Tesla car and can be started with just a few on screen touches. They are controlled using the buttons on the steering wheel and Tesla also comes with a few wheels and physical buttons to better control the features of the car without touchscreen. The games cannot be played when the car is moving so these games are for those moments when you have to wait a while inside your Tesla car.

The new games will arrive for Tesla Model S, Tesla Model X and Tesla Model 3 and they will be free through a software update but it may take a while until the package becomes available for all Tesla cars currently on the roads. Those who want to force the software update can connect the car to a Wi-Fi network and the package will be automatically downloaded.


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