electric wheelchair for brandon

Two teenagers from the United States have received media attention after one of them worked part time for two years to buy an electric wheelchair for his best friend.

Brandon, who needs a wheelchair to move around, had been using a manual wheelchair for some years. The chair becameĀ  a problem for Brandon because it was very difficult for him to go to classes. ” My hands got very tired” Brandon said.

His best friend, Tanner, got a part time job at an auto repair shop and for two years he saved the money he earned until he raised enough last month to buy Brandon an electric wheelchair.

Tanner brought his present to Brandon in front of their classmates and Brandon was very surprised. ” I can’t believe he did that for me” Brandon said.

“I always wanted one and now my dream came true” Brandon added.

Tanner said that Brandon was always a very good friend and wanted to do him a favor. He says he simply felt he has to do it because Brandon stood by him every time.


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