Singer Taylor Swift has been accused of plagiarizing a Kenzo ad in her most recent video, Delicate, which she launched on Sunday.

Taylor Swift launched the Delicate video on March 11, which is part of her sixth album named Reputation. So far the video has received 25 million views.

Shortly after the video was released, many have said that there are similarities between Taylor Swift’s videos, directed by Joseph Kann, and a Kenzo ad directed by Spike Jonze. The Kenzo ad in which we can see actress Margaret Qualley was released in August 2016 and it got 12 million views.

Both videos focus on a young woman and they follow the way she rebels against society through wild dance movies in multiple locations.

Below you can watch both videos.


The video producer from the New York Magazine, Kenny Wassus, is one of those who proved the multiple similarities between the videos videos including gestures and movies an even a similar color scheme.

The actress who appears in Kenzo dances in a hotel, just like Taylor Swift in Delicate. Kenny Wassus is not the only one to accuse Taylor Swift and Joseph Khan of plagiarizing. Both directors have not commented on the accusations so far.




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