Although most leaked photos of the Galaxy S8 smartphone show the phone in its black case, we are sure that Samsung is working on releasing the Galaxy S8 in multiple colors. We are sure of this because the new Galaxy S8 has to meet the demands of the public, and these demands are high right now.

In a recent series of spy photos we can see the white version of the Galaxy S8 smarpthone along with the Gold version of the Galaxy S8. According to recent rumors, Samsung will also release the Galaxy S8 smartphone in purple, silver and shiny black.

Samsung Galaxy S8, which is due to arrive on the market on March 29, 2017, will come with a 5.8 inches display an 4 GB RAM memory while the Galaxy S8 Plus version will pack the 6.2 inches display and 6 GB RAM memory.

Right now it’s not clear whether Samsung will equip the Galaxy S8 Plus smartphone with a dual camera system or will opt for a more advanced photo lens with optic image stabilization.



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